Apparently, You Could Learn Any Of These Two Dozen Technical Skills By The End Of Today

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Over on question and answer site Quora, a student with a long winter break ahead of him wants to know: “What are some useful technical skills I can learn within a day?”How very Benjamin Franklin of him.

Anyway, Quora users came up with lots of answers.

These answers include lots of jargon that I, a non-technical keyboard button presser, do not understand.

But maybe you do.

If so, here are some skills you could learn before going to bed tonight:

  • Version control:- Git, GitHub and SVN
  • Regular expressions
  • AWK
  • sed
  • Grep 
  • Learn how to do things with Vim that you never knew could be done.
  • Set up a crawler that can scrape some webpages and parse some basic data.
  • Set up a bigger crawler that has to fill out a form or two.
  • Program a basic linear algebra library (matrices, vectors, multiplication)
  • Add SVD to this library.
  • Add matrix inversion to this library.
  • Add least squares regression to this library.
  • Make your library work efficiently with sparse data.
  • Learn how to use list comprehensions in Python.
  • Get a Stack Overflow account and learn to use the site. 
  • Read the freaking manual for your favourite language.
  • Implement a simple machine learning algorithm on your own, with a whole pipeline.
  • Learn the how to make a simple line graph in Excel. 
  • Get your eclipse installation fully pumped up.
  • Learn the basic functionality of a NoSQL database.
  • Learn the most basic functionality of SQL  
  • Getting comfortable with Linux. 
  • One or two sorting algorithms. 
  • D3 (JavaScript library)
  • Learn how to effectively develop unit tests for your code. 
  • familiarise yourself with some of the AWS services and their API in the language of your choice 
  • Basic graph theory 

For each bullet point above, there is a full Quora answer explaining why, and how, you might learn each skill in a day. 

Go check out the list >>