Apparently, Wearing Google Glass Is A Great Way To Meet Women (But It's Hard To Make Out With Them On)

Google GlassSorry ladies, Google Glass wearer Jay Yarow is taken!

You might think wearing something as awkward as Google Glass on your face would scare potential mates off.

You would be wrong, according to Today Show tech reporter Rosa Golijan.

She’s written an article on the impact Google Glass can have on your dating life, and in it, she quotes a man named Juan Paublo Risso.

Golijan writes, “Risso is happily married, yet he still finds that women frequently chat him up because he’s wearing the headset.”

“Glass doesn’t break the ice, it completely melts it,” he tells her.

One problem though. It’s hard to make out with them on.

Golijan, who also wears Google Glass, went on a few dates with them on.

One of these dates went well – and Goslijan found herself making out with the gadget still on her face.

It was unpleasant, she writes.

“Yes, friends, Glass can get in the way, uh, physically.”

“I’ve got no issues making out with glasses on. But things got weird once when a fella started kissing me while I was still wearing the headset.”

“God forbid two Glass wearers ever hit things off.

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