Apparently Real Female Entrepreneurs Live Out West

miss california

West coast women are fearless…at least compared to their east coast counterparts. 

The New York Times interviewed Deborah Perry Piscione, a media professional and cofounder of Desha Productions, who moved to California for the network of women.  “Back east, my whole network was men, but here there’s this big group of incredible, fearless women. They rise a lot more quickly in their careers, and they support each other. They’ve made their own money and they take risks. There’s such a disconnect between the two coasts,” she tells them.

West coast women, the Times writes, are more inclined to help other business women; in particular, they’re more willing to open up rolodexes and wallets to peers.  That doesn’t mean east coast women aren’t successful; they just keep their wealth to themselves. 

“There are all of these women who made tons of money and now are not doing anything with it, and they’re losing relevance,” Piscione says of New Yorkers.  Outside of philanthropies, east coast women typically have their money managed by others; there is no “passion” behind directing it.

Venture capitalist Sue Siegel believes Silicon Valley is a culture more prone to female entrepreneurship and risk-taking.  Cindy Padnos, managing director of Illuminate Ventures, thinks women in New York are too engulfed in corporate life, and that they “lack the networks and knowledge base to invest in new businesses.”

West coast women seem to think they have a leg up, and maybe they do.  Silicon Valley has a 20 year head start on the New York tech scene. But with more and more groups like Change The Ratio and New York Tech Meetup popping up on the east coast, a conscious effort is being made to close the gap, ditch the coastal rivalries, and encourage entrepreneurship across the board, once and for all.

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