DE Shaw’s Christmas Party May Have Trumped Blackstone’s, But At Least We Know What Happened At The Met


Now we’re really sad that Kevin Roose, who crashed Blackstone’s lavish Met soiree, didn’t sneak into DE Shaw’s holiday party – because apparently it was way better.

CNBC heard from someone who went to both shindigs that the DE Shaw bash had a better crowd.

Ie. They were younger. And hotter.

Also, Blackstoners were self-concious and didn’t mingle. Shawsters, on the other hand, mingled and even flirted.

And that’s about it as far as a description of what went down at the New York Public Library.

Two things…

Firstly, let’s be honest – accounts about both parties remind us that 2010’s Christmas parties just simply don’t hold a candle to the parties of yesteryear – when the bonuses flowed, no-one was watching, and it was cool to be a banker.

Secondly, until we get the type of detailed analysis on Shaw’s party that we got on  Blackstone, like

  • Whether this so-called flirting was more than just smiling-while-talking
  • Whether Shaw had a multi-tiered cake emblazoned with the message, “accountability” in the middle of a party where the champagne was flowing and an entire museum had been rented out (a la Blackstone)
  • Whether there were any lol-worthy remarks about religious headwear

… Our vote for best party continues to go to Mr. Shwarzman.

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