Harvard Alumni Are Apparently Embarrassed To Admit They Went To Harvard

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One of the more embarrassing and socially awkward things a human being can do is admit he went to Harvard.That’s right, it’s probably among the worst #FirstWorldProblems a person can have, because once you drop the “H-Bomb” people look at you differently, treat you differently, and think of you differently. Yup, Harvard alumni are truly embarrassed about fessing up to their alma mater, The Boston Globe revealed today.

The Globe interviewed dozens of alumni who all admit when asked some derivative of “Where did you go to college?” they answer, “Oh, near Boston.”

One alumnus described a situation where, when asked where she went to school and answered honestly, the questioner suddenly saw her as snobby for her answer.

Even the President understands the stereotype of earning such a highbrow degree. At the White House Correspondents dinner, Barack Obama started pointing out similarities he shared with Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

“We also both have degrees from Harvard,” the president said. “I have one. He has two. What a snob.”

“Harvard is a statement, and it’s not necessarily the first, second, or third thing I want someone to know about myself,” alumnus Don Chiofaro told The Globe. “It’s a distinction that separates you, and it’s easy for people to make the leap to thinking that means you think you’re better than them.”

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