8 Sleeper Hits From The Apple App Store

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We’re defining an app as a “sleeper hit” if it’s both widely used and not especially talked about.

These are the games and utilities that are often taken for granted. So let’s shine a spotlight on them and give them the attention they deserve.


Everything you need in a to-do list app and nothing you don't. Clear makes it a snap to keep track of the tasks at hand, letting you swipe over completed tasks to register them as complete.

Price: $1.99

Great Little War Game

Fans of hexagon-based war games will fall in love with this app. Take turns waging war against the computer or a friend. Build vehicles and win by defeating all of your opponent's units.

Price: $1.99


Every now and then, you might need to send a message to someone securely. Gliph makes this an easy task, cloaking your email, texts, and even requiring a PIN to start the app up.

Your communications will definitely be safe here.

Price: free


Waze is a social traffic app, which means as users drive, they blast out updates on road conditions, speed traps, accidents, and delays. It's an awesome way to better plan your road trips on the fly.

Price: free


Don't let the adorable graphics fool you -- this is a battle-hardened RPG where tactics, magic, and loads of weapons will come into play.

Price: $2.99


Want to start developing good habits? Lift will remind you at times of your choice to do things like floss, make the bed, or be grateful for something. You can even have it remind you to do your own custom tasks.

Price: free

4 Pics 1 Word

A straightforward game that gets difficult quickly, 4 Pics 1 Word shows you four random pictures and prompts you to guess the one word that links them.

Price: free


We use and love Cardmunch here in the office as the ideal way to digitally capture someone's contact info off a business card. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Price: free

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