NBA JamHe’s on fire!

Photo: Apple

Get ready for some mid-90s nostalgia.EA Games has brought an updated version of NBA Jam to the iPhone and it’s awesome.

The game mechanics are almost exactly the same as the original, with insane dunks, funky passes, and of course setting your character on fire.

The graphics got a boost too, with each player sporting a giant cartoonish head on a small body.

Controls are easy to use, even though you’re forced to use a virtual control pad and action buttons on the iPhone’s touchscreen.

The app is only $4.99 in the App Store, and a must-have for any fan of the original.

Bonus: We found an Android version of NBA Jam too. It’s a direct port of the classic Sega and Super Nintendo game. The controls are clunky and it’s littered with pop up ads, but hey, you can play as Scottie Pippen again.

Download it here for free.

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