How To Make Your New App Go Big In The App Store

It’s not easy being an app developer.

It can take years donating extra time and attention to building projects.

Once it arrives in the App Store, developers still have to go through a few hurdles to get the app noticed.

Each store has over 1 million apps for customers to buy from and new apps can be very difficult to search for.

We found this Quora thread with multiple experts explaining how a developer can properly market their app and get the attention it deserved.

Put together a press kit for your app

Andy Mangold, the co-creator of Wikiweb and Jittergram, feels that developers should create a press kit for their program.

  • Put together a press kit for your app. This should include high resolution screenshots, images of your App Icon, and most importantly a text file or some editable format that describes what your app does and why. Unfortunately, most bloggers are more likely to copy and paste a description than to spend thoughtful time with your product to come to their own conclusions. We post our press kits online, but at a URL that is not publicly linked to. Then, we simply send the link to anyone who inquires about the app.
  • Make a video for your app. Most people don’t read. Seriously, they don’t. You have little to no hope of keeping people’s attention for a whole minute with a thoughtfully designed and informative site about your product. However, if you make a one minute video explaining it and showing it in use, people are more likely to spend time watching it. It also gives blogs something to embed and share.

Videos can become a great marketing tool

Steve Miller from divulges that a professional video that explains your app in 1-2 minutes can help increase usage.

Explainer videos are one of the most dynamic and productive way to increase your visibility. It grabs quick attention with the help of appealing animations and catchy background score. A video creates a great influence on the user as he learns how to use the app within the video itself. It displays features of your app and gives user a reason to download.

Keep it simple

Siraj Salim, partner at Apppli- App Development & Start Up Accelerator commented on the thread explaining that developers should keep the app as simple as possible.

Marketing an iPhone app is all about combining simplicity with functionality and research with appearance. An app should never have more than one function as it is so easy for a user to be put off an app by multi-functionality. When a user downloads an app, they only expect it to be used for one operation; such as “compass” which, as the name suggests, is a functional compass. Furthering this, the simplicity of its function must be apparent in the UI and UX of the application. This will not only allow you to entice users with a modern interface, but allow you to attract potential customers with elegant screenshots.

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