App Developers: Stop Abusing Push!

Mobile app developers are abusing push notifications and it has to stop. Although it’s widely understood that it’s not an effective strategy to continually ping users with non-critical updates, app developers can’t seem to help themselves to the free marketing channel that is the opt-in push. Continual notifications keep the app at the forefront of users’ minds, entice them to relaunch the app to see what’s new, remind them of something they may have forgotten, and more – or, at least, so the app developer hopes. But it’s a fine line between being seen as useful and friendly versus a source of never-ending message spam.

Push notifications can give a social app an air of popularity it wouldn’t otherwise have the means to display. The phone continually buzzes to indicate how many people are checking out the new app. But there’s only so much showing off a user can take.

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