These Hilarious Screenshots Helped An App Developer Get A Big Boost In Sales

If you play a lot of games on your phone, chances are you’ve seen a lot of screenshots like the one to the right while browsing through the App Store.

One developer of games for the iPhone and iPad noticed that nearly every major mobile game studio is using a similar format for their app screenshots, and thought that maybe it was making it harder to stand out among the crowd.

For the iOS puzzle game PrismaDROP, Amuses Me Games made a series of screenshots that entertain a potential player before they even download the game.

You can see the screenshots below. According to the developer, “This is a story of love, life, and regret. Well, not so much regret.”

Let’s be real: someone has probably done this.

Their humour is pretty dark.

From PrismaDROP’s developer: “I don’t actually recommend driving while playing with your iPhone, but if you simply *have* to, PrismaDROP is probably a good choice. Just saying.”

OK, not even Candy Crush is this addicting.

The game has already been out for a year, but hasn’t been doing exceptionally well. In a Reddit post, the developer of the game said that the new screenshots are already having a positive effect on sales:

“The game has been out for almost a year and sales haven’t been great. It would be nice if pretty, well designed screens had a positive effect on sales but it hasn’t seemed to. Long term data will show if these ones have net positive or negative result overall, but so far today all ranks and stats are way up.”

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