This app developer turned a Ford van into a fantastic mobile office space

David McKinney is an Australian app developer who turned a Ford Transit van into a mobile work station.

“It has all the usual office things like Wi-Fi, AC power, and a desk for working,” McKinney detailed over at his blog. “It also has a couch for thinking, a view, and fresh air. And it’s always near the ocean or a place for exploring.”

McKinney currently uses the workspace for developing the Product Hunt app for iPhones.

“I think most things around us can be designed to be better for people,” he said. “Here’s my take on the modern office — a better place to do good work.”

Note: All photos used with permission.

McKinney started with a Ford Transit van.

The old wooden floorboard needed to be removed.

The replacement boarding arrives.

Luckily, McKinney's children were willing helpers.

Once the base floorboard has been installed, it's time to add some hardwood panels.

Here's the floor almost completed. McKinney says he spent a couple of hundred on timber, plywood, and paint.

To get power, McKinney uses two 12 volt batteries: One for starting the van engine, and one for plugging in his computer and screen.

Originally, McKinney experimented with placing the desk along the side of the van.

The couch cost $300, and is accessible from either side door.

A view of the completed office. McKinney eventually decided on placing the desk in the rear of the van.

If you look at the sides, you'll notice the interior now has finished walls.

'I like being super focused when I'm working at the monitor workstation, which is why I didn't install a window there,' said McKinney.

To go online, McKinney uses a Telstra 4G Wi-Fi hub connected to a 'booster aerial' antenna on the front of the van.

'If I need a view, I sit on the couch with my laptop with both side doors open and work like that.'

It's certainly a better view than a cubicle.

'Just running off the House battery I can do a full day's work with no problems at all,' he said.

'All of the batteries are constantly getting charged up as you drive around, and you can obviously charge your devices and laptop battery while driving as well,' said McKinney. 'Running out of juice hasn't been an issue so far, except for extended camping trips in which case a quick drive charges everything up again.'

'This has been my main office for the last year or so, and it's my favourite place for intense, focused work,' he said. 'But what about working together with your colleagues? That's easy -- I just drive over. I love it.'

Currently, McKinney uses the office to develop the iOS app for Product Hunt, which is a product discovery platform similar to Reddit.

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