Now Publishers Will Be Able To Find Out Which Kinds Of People Use Their Apps

App Annie, an analytics firm that specialises in app market data, has announced a new product for understanding user demographics.

It’s called Audience Intelligence, and it’s an expansion to the App Annie Intelligence platform that launched three years ago.

For an annual contract fee, Audience Intelligence will allow publishers, startups, and financial analysts to learn more about the habits and background of app users, with the ability to look at metrics such as gender, age, and income.

For example, here you can see the demographic breakdown of the Deal or No Deal app for iOS, which shows the app has more female users but also sees users from all age groups.

Audience Intelligence also offers a demographic breakdown of users by app, country, month, and specific app store they use, along with the ability to track trends for a specific app across mobile platforms like iOS or Android.

Aside from demographic information, there’s also a “Related Apps” section of Audience Intelligence that shows the connection between apps, highlighting which apps share common users.

Here you can see the Related Apps breakdown for messaging app Yo, whose users are also likely to use other social networking apps like Path, Secret, and Yik Yak.

App Annie is hoping the new service will enable app publishers and startups to better understand their own user base as well as keep an eye on and benchmark their competition.

Audience Intelligence is available starting today for an annual contract fee that starts around $US1,000, but App Annie is running a promotion that will allow customers to buy or upgrade an App Annie Store Intelligence account to include Audience Intelligence at a discount.

To see a preview of Audience Intelligence in action or to learn more details on how to purchase, click here.

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