App Alerts Israelis If They're About To Drive Into An Angry Stone-Throwing Mob

App That alerts israelis to angry mobs

A new app for Android alerts Israelis when their car is approaching an angry mob of stone-throwing, or worse yet, molotov-cocktail-throwing … folks.

From the app’s site:

The app gives real-time voice warning to those approaching an area where stone-throwing occurs or there are Molotov cocktails, or any other dangerous event as reported by other users. It is also possible to receive a warning when you enter the Palestinian Authority areas.

The app uses an aggregate of news reports to identify possible danger areas, and then outlines those areas on a colour-coded map. The app looks like any other smart-phone map, and it also lists possible isolated incidents, along with the source of the news (if the source is available).

The website sites a few incidents involving innocent people who inadvertenly got caught in a maelstrom of violence.

Sadly, this is a reality in Israel. Not to wade neck-deep into who wronged who first or who’s suffering the most — the fact is that the country is only about the half the size of New Jersey and wayward travellers, regardless of their affiliations, can easily find themselves in ugly situations.

At the time of the posting of this article the app-creator had not yet responded to email.

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