We apologise To Governor Paterson: The NYT "Bombshell" Was A Total Non-Story

Last week prior to the Super Bowl we ran a story based on a conversation with a single source who said a NYT bombshell was about to drop and that the wheels were in motion for the governor’s resignation.


Not only is Paterson not resigning, the NYT story was a big fat nothing. 

We actually wonder why the paper even considers it news, seeing as it’s about an aide, and since it wasn’t even timely (we wonder, for the Times’ sake, whether at some point there was something deeper that they couldn’t quite get).

Anyway, we regret fanning the flames of the “bombshell” rumours, and hope that none of this damages the embattled governor. And we don’t think it will.

If there’s anyone damaged by the whole thing it’s rival Andrew Cuomo. Paterson now looks like a comeback kid, and the NYT story will only make his critics seem small and minor.

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