There’s a ridiculous, hilarious Easter Egg in the massive new game ‘Apex Legends’

  • The massive world of “Apex Legends” has a few hidden secrets that are being quickly uncovered by the game’s massive playerbase.
  • One such secret is a heartwarming tribute to a deceased pet.
  • The latest secret that was uncovered, though, is quite the opposite: A massive, mythical sea creature of Scottish folklore.

While sliding and shooting your way through the massive Kings Canyon map in “Apex Legends,” the huge new Battle Royale game from EA, you may not have seen the adorable little plushie above.

That’s Nessy, a characteristic Easter Egg from the studio responsible for making “Apex Legends,” Respawn Entertainment. In the studio’s previous games, “Titanfall” and “Titanfall 2,” Nessy also made appearances.

But in “Apex Legends,” Nessy is more than just a cute little toy – it’s tied to an elaborate Easter Egg unlocking system.

There are 10 different Nessy plushies hidden all over the map, with each successive Nessy appearing after you’ve located and shot the previous one:

Apex Legends (map w/ Nessy locations)
Here are all the locations and the order in which to take them down. EA/Respawn Entertainment/Miguel Lozada

Due to the nature of “Apex Legends” as a Battle Royale game, it’s pretty difficult to get all the Nessy plushies by yourself.

Not only are they located all over the map, but the map is littered with other people who want to kill you – not to mention the massive orange wall of death that’s always on the move. On top of that, even if you do manage to get all the Nessy plushies (perhaps with the aid of some organised squadmates), in order to see the result of your efforts you need to go to the very edge of the map where the land meets the water.

But if you do indeed persist, there’s a pretty incredible Easter Egg waiting for you at the end – the Loch Ness Monster herself, in all her plesiosaur-esque glory.

Take a look at the whole operation right here: