The 7 best weapons for winning in ‘Apex Legends,’ according to the game’s best players

  • The huge new game “Apex Legends” is off to a big start.
  • With so many players, there’s an endless sea of competition to take on.
  • How to win? Outfit yourself with the best possible weapons!

In “Apex Legends,” it’s you and two squadmates against 57 other people.

Everyone wants to be in the last squad standing, but not everyone will make it. The very first choices you make are likely to determine how the rest of the match plays out.

With such a wide spread of different guns, many with nondescript names like “P2020” and “RE-45,” it’s hard to know where to begin. Having played a few dozen hours of “Apex Legends” – and having watched another few dozen hours of expert players like Shroud and Jackfrags – we put together a concise list of weapons to prioritise when you first land in Kings Canyon:

There are six different gun categories in “Apex Legends.” Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

There’s nothing wrong with the light machine guns (LMG) category, and if it’s your only option by all means use an LMG. But if you’re able to pick and choose, we’d suggest keeping an eye out for the guns below. EA/Respawn Entertainment

To be clear, the ranking below isn’t definitive – it’s based on playing “Apex Legends” and watching others play it. There are definitive lists breaking down the damage each weapon does, and that is certainly one way of ranking which weapon is “best.”

But the long and short is this: Deciding which weapons are best for you in “Apex Legends” comes down to personal taste and play style. You may never use sniper rifles, or shotguns, and that’s fine. The ranking below is a kind of average of what we’ve seen from high-level players and our own time playing the game.

7. Longbow


The only reason the Longbow is last on this list is because “Apex Legends” prioritises close-to-medium range combat over all else. Given that, sniping isn’t always the most useful thing to do.

That said, if you’re going to snipe, the Longbow is the finest option. It does heavy damage (using heavy rounds), and can be combined with the “Skullpiercer” attachment to do even heavier damage with headshots.

6. Wingman


The Wingman is a revolver, which means it’s slow and can only hold a few bullets. It’s a gun that you absolutely need to aim carefully, or else you’ll waste your shot and get taken out.

But if you’ve got a crack shot, it’s a devastating weapon. Even body shots with the Wingman do a lot of damage, but headshots are especially crushing. Like the Longbow, the Wingman can be paired with the Skullpiercer attachment for even more devastating headshots.

5. Peacekeeper


The shotguns in “Apex Legends” vary wildly, from the vicious Peacekeeper to the almost worthless Mozambique.

Do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for the Peacekeeper. Even with nothing attached, right out of the gate, it’s an extremely powerful weapon. Since it’s not slug-based, your shots spread out the further they have to travel – unless you snag a choke attachment to tighten the shot, making it a powerful weapon even at mid-range.

BONUS: If you can find the Precision Choke attachment, you can charge shots until they’re super tight in scope and extremely damaging, even from mid-to-long range.

4. R-301


The R-301 is the best all-around gun in “Apex Legends.” It works with a variety of attachments, and can be used at almost any distance. It’s good right at the beginning of a match, and just as good at the end.

There are no caveats necessary here: If you’re able to find one, you should take it.

3. Prowler Burst PDW (with an amendment)


The Prowler Burst PDW is a bit unwieldy given that it operates as a five-round burst weapon – all that downtime between bursts is likely time you’re being shot at.

But, if you can pair the Prowler Burst PDW with the Selectfire Receiver attachment, you’re able to turn the Prowler into a fully automatic weapon. And that’s especially meaningful with the Prowler, which fires heavy rounds (read: bigger, more painful bullets).

That said, this is a conditional weapon that you probably shouldn’t grab unless you’re either prepared for burst-based battles or already equipped with another weapon you can lean on until you find the proper attachment. Or if you’ve already got the necessary attachment, of course.

2. Kraber


The top two guns on this list are likely to be expected if you’ve been playing “Apex Legends” since launch. You’re unlikely find either easily – they’re only found in high-tier loot areas or in care packages, and they come in very limited supply.

That said, the Kraber is only number two here because it’s a sniper rifle. Given that, it’s not super useful right at the end of a game when the circle is tight.

1. Mastiff


As you might’ve guessed, the Mastiff is at the very top of this list. It’s a ridiculously powerful shotgun that’s extremely rare – and with good reason. It takes out even the most heavily-armoured player in a shot or two at close range.

No equivocating here: If you find a Mastiff anywhere, at any point in the game, take it and become the champion you deserve to be.