AP Reporter Dubs New York Times' Oil Spill Scoop "Patently False" and "Laughable"

NYT Deepwater

In a late night email sent on December 26th, AP Gulf Oil Industry Reporter Harry Weber blasted the New York Times for claiming to have scooped the story on the final hours of the Deepwater Horizon.

From his email:

Today, the Times published a 5,000 word reconstruct on the disaster, some eight months after the fact.

Their key assertions that the destruction of the Horizon “has escaped intense scrutiny” and that the final hours are only now possible to piece together are patently false.

…the documents they refer to, from my reading of the story, are a compilation of documents released during the USCG-BOEM investigative hearings and other records AP long ago reported on.

The AP has aggressively and repeatedly scrutinized the subject in all media platforms. As for the images they included from a person on a “nearby boat” _ that is the most laughable.

Weber goes on to accuse the Times of gunning for a Pulitzer.

The timing of the Times story is interesting _ six days before the end of the calendar year. It seems to me they want to have the last word of the year on the oil spill, perhaps as a nod to the Pulitzer board in hopes the board has a bout of amnesia too. But the Times doesn’t own the history books.

Indeed!  Though it must be said there is something reassuring about the fact the AP and NYT are fighting over a Pulitzer nomination.

Click here to read the entire email from Harry Weber >

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