The First Exit Polls Are Coming Out, And There's Mass Dissatisfaction With The Economy

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The Associated Press has just released the first exit poll of the 2012 election. Most notable is the lingering dissatisfaction with the direction of the country’s economy — only 25 per cent of respondents in the exit poll said they were better off than four years ago. 

More notable points:

  • Only four in 10 voters said that the nation’s economy is getting better. 
  • Still, though, more blamed former President George W. Bush than President Barack Obama.
  • Cox Radio reporter Jamie Dupree reports that 24 per cent rated the economy as good, 75 per cent rated it as bad, and 39 per cent said the direction of the economy is “getting better.”

Dupree has some more data at his Twitter feed

Most notable are these numbers:

Exit polls

Photo: Twitter/@jamiedupree

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