AOL's Robot Editor Kills AOL's Fax Machine

A cylon

AOL’s new platform for freelance writers,, may help usher in a new era of search spam and robo-content, but AOL Media boss Bill Wilson tells TBI Research analyst Rory Maher that it was originally designed for a simpler purpose: To do away with AOL’s tottering old content management system.

According to Bill, AOL’s old CMS required editorial staff to a separate system for each type of content – video, text, data, and even analytics.

It also required freelancers to submit articles via fax and wait for checks to arrive in the mail. With, payments will be made via direct deposit.

AOL could survive such inconveniences with only 3,000 freelancers, but part of CEO Tim Armstrong’s turnaround plan is to scale that group into the tens of thousands. Thus, it its present form was conceived (after Tim tried and failed to acquire Associated Content, that is.)

Robot Editor (pictured in the form of a Battlestar Galactica cylon above) 1, Fax Machine 0.

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