AOL's Free iPhone Twitter App Is Coming

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A free version of AOL’s Twitter app is coming, says a company source.

Currently, AOL (TWX) has a Twitter, Facebook, Flickr app available in the iTunes Store for $2.99.

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It’s AOL’s instant messaging app and it integrates with Twitter and the others through a feature called “Lifestream.”

When we wrote about it last week, we said we were surprised — pleasantly surprised — to see AOL charging for the app.

In a surprise, it’s not free — costing $2.99.

That makes the app unlike AOL’s other 10 apps, but a lot like several of the most popular Twitter apps in the iTunes Store, which can cost as much as five bucks.

The market has been set, and AOL is smart to not try to undercut it if it doesn’t have to. iPhone and iPod Touch users have shown that they’re willing pay for really slick apps.

Turns out we spoke too soon. An AOL source tells us a new, free version of the app is coming soon.

“The paid version just happened to be approved by Apple before the free version,” says our source. “The free version of the AIM app has been submitted and we look to have it be approved shortly (on Apple’s timetable) and be up in the apps store. “

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