AOL's Digg-Killer: Dead

a crashed aeroplane with a broken propeller

Web traffic to AOL’s Digg-clone Propeller tanked over the last year, according to comScore numbers published in yesterday’s Chart of the Day.

In August 2008 — shortly after a re-launch — the site saw 4.3 million unique visitors, according to comScore. A year later, the number was down to 800,000.

Like the most popular social news site,, Propeller is a site where users vote submitted stories up or down. Very popular stories reach the front page.

Why is Propeller traffic down so much? Probably it stopped getting link love from the homepage.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson says his company will be profitable this year, but that’s only after Digg introduced major changes to the service. Those included sponsored posts (that users can vote on) and the notorious Digg Bar. We assume AOL doesn’t see much return coming back on the investment it would take to clone those kinds of features.

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