AOLers Threaten Riot If Falco And Grant Get Bonuses


We asked readers for help understanding the bonus situation at AOL. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received so far (thanks!).  More as we get it.

We had a group all-hands meeting last week, and here are the notes I jotted down.  In talking with other employees in different groups, we all got basically the same speech from our Directors/VPs.

 – no merit increases (as communicated)
 – wasn’t in the memo, didn’t want to get posted to the blogs, instead communicated verbally from mgmt:
   – no 2008 bonus across the board (didn’t make numbers)
   – 2 bonuses in 2009
      – Jan-June, paid in July (individual perf)
      – July-Dec, paid in Jan 2010 (company numbers)

and there was some other, *yawn* boring stuff about how 700 layoffs was probably on the high end (yeah, right), and we all did great work so we shouldn’t be too worried (heard that one before), and how we need to change our strategies to monetise anything and everything we can (because cramming more obnoxious ads on a page is really going to save the company).

Nothing specific was mentioned about Randy and Ron getting/not getting their bonuses, but since they’re all tied to the company’s numbers… if they get one cent, you can bet there’s going to be a lynch mob waiting outside the NYC HQ (or whatever luxury office complex they hide in these days).

During the last Platform-A All Hands call with Lynda it was announced there would be no merit increases for 2009 and the 2008 bonuses would not be paid. This is only true for those on the AIP bonus plan. Those who are on a sales plan will still recieve bonuses/comission should they meet their set sales goals.

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