AOL User 927's Sordid Search Queries To Be Performed As An Off-Broadway Play

Beauty And The Beast

Back in 2006, AOL embarrassed itself big time when it allowed a researcher to publish some 500,000 users’ search histories.

Now, one of those user-logs is being transformed into a stage play, called User 927. It’ll be put on by Bratproductions, which also performed 2007’s A Very Merry unauthorised Children’s Scientology Pageant.

 Acording to Consumerist, User 927 is “a thriller about cyberstalking, search engines, and the way information is obtained, manipulated, and released in our wired world.”

Sounds about right, considering the real user 927’s queries ranged from “beauty and the beast disney porn” to “holocaust rape” to “oh i like that baby. i put on my robe and wizards hat.”

See User 927’s whole sordid log here.

See the whole sordid play, here:

Wednesday, June 10, 7 pm
307 West 38th St. (just west of 8th Ave), fl. 16

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