AOL (TWX): Update on December Firings

Nothing confirmed, but one of our AOL moles was kind enough to explain what he/she hears is up with those rumoured December firings: They are reportedly just the second phase of the massive October blood-letting. “A nice holiday gift, but not new news.”

(Well, not new news to high-level AOL insiders. Presumably news to some of the soon-to-be-whacked.)

Another source says D-Day is December 11th. A third reports that the sales force will get hit. An SAI reader adds the following, which suggests that some of the new firings, at least, ARE new news:

The word has come down from New York that more cuts are required, given the performance of the business. At this point, it should be clear to [AOL EVPs] Kevin Conroy and Ted Cahall that they are just managing a cost centre in Dulles, and each business “challenge” AOL faces will result in a new Ron [Grant] memo on further reductions.

The morale on the Dulles campus is still in the dumper, and the new cuts, while not gathering any press coverage anymore, will reinforce that the primary reason folk still remain there is a lack of local options, not any optimism in the mission.

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