AOL (TWX): Moving Boxes Ready For Ex-Employee Stuff


Valleywag offers this photo of thousands of purported moving boxes in a purported AOL garage–purportedly ready to transport the contents of AOL’s fired masses back home after the employees themselves are dismissed next Tuesday (Oct. 16).  The original photo is here.  For all we know it’s the basement of a Home Depot.  Owen Thomas:

Finally, undeniable photographic evidence arrives of plans for mass layoffs at AOL‘s doomed Dulles, Va. campus. In a parking garage, pallets of shrinkwrapped moving boxes are stacked up, awaiting deployment a week from today, when the firings are reportedly scheduled. Call it an act of technic cleansing, as CEO Randy Falco prepares to relocate the company’s headquarters from geek-heavy Dulles to advertiser-friendly New York next spring. As AOL’s Internet-access business shrinks, so, too, must its staff — but one would have hoped Falco was capable of a bit more subtlety. Would a tarp to cover the boxes really cost that much? (Photo by

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