AOL (TWX) Layoffs: T Minus One*

Assuming the AOL mass layoffs aren’t just an elaborate ruse to make us look like idiots (they weren’t*), two thousand or more of our AOL readers will probably get canned tomorrow.  We are sorry about that, and we hope that everyone who wants a job quickly finds another one.

In the meantime, we have a favour to ask.  Mass layoffs are actually an interesting sociological event–especially fascinating for those who have never had the misfortune of going through them.  We assume that AOL will warn you that “any communications with the media will be a violation of your severance agreement yada yada yada,” but we would still be grateful for real-time updates, assuming these are possible.  (Also, we would remind you: They are firing you.)

We have heard, for example, that some of you will be fired en masse, in auditoriums.  Digital pictures would be wonderful!  (And, in lieu of that, written descriptions).  Details on severance agreements would also be nice, as would estimates of numbers.  As always, please feel free to send info to [email protected], or just post in our comments section.  We’ll create a special post tomorrow morning to serve as a comment forum.

We hope that the AOL firings, if any, will be minimal, and that you’ll all still be reading us from Dulles (and elsewhere) on Wednesday.  If not, we’re grateful for the input you’ve shared over the past month, and we suspect that senior management has learned something from it, too.  God speed!

*UPDATE: At 11am EDT, the company formally confirmed the layoffs in an email from Randy Falco.