AOL (TWX) Completes Tacoda Buy. Sorry Modavox (MDVX)


As expected, AOL completed the Tacoda acquisition in short order, erasing the first chance of a quick bonanza for Modavox (MDVX.OB) shareholders.  (Modavox sued AOL for patent infringement immediately after the Tacoda acquisition was announced, raising the hopes of Modavox shareholders that the transaction would get hung on a “contingent liability” clause and Tacoda or AOL would pay Modavox a bunch of money to go away.) 

Now, disappointed Modavox shareholders will have to cling to the hope that AOL will buy the company outright or fork over a bunch of money in a settlement (because they presumably aren’t  shareholders because they’re excited about the company’s actual business).  However, the source who told us that the AOL deal would close on schedule (correct) also said the infringement suit was “ridiculous,” so we expect this hope will eventually die in vain, too.

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