AOL Trims Mapquest Unit (TWX)

A tipster tells us that AOL has cut 5 people from its Mapquest unit in Denver. Wrong, says someone familiar with the situation: The correct number is 6 — out of a 150-person workforce. And the official term being used on campus isn’t “fired” but “realigned” — as in, the company is canning 6 people, but creating 6 other positions.

Not sure that being “realigned” is better than being “fired” for those involved. It’d be useful to be able to compare the positions cut vs. those offered — anyone want to offer more details? [email protected], or use our anonymous tip box.

One forlorn Mapquester chips in: “We’ve been consistently losing people through layoffs, people quitting, and contracts not being renewed since last Oct. Today’s news sucks, but everybody has been expecting this to continue.”

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