AOL To Fire Hundreds By Friday

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Already rumoured to be underway in India, AOL layoffs will hit stateside this week, Forbes’s Jeff Bercovici reports.

In a filing with the SEC following its Huffington Post acquisition, AOL announced that it expects “restructuring charges” due to “cost overlap” to total $20 million in 2011.

We think that means this layoff won’t be a big one.

When AOL cut ~1,400 people in early 2010, the restructuring charge was $150 million.

We can’t use that number to figure out exactly how many people AOL will fire this week because those 2010 cuts had a bunch of buyouts, too, and those are more expensive than layoffs. You can safely asssume AOL will fire hundreds of people this week, however.

Bercovici – a former AOLer himself – says Friday will also be the day new AOL media president Arianna Huffington will “make a big announcement about the shape of things to come.”

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