AOL: Here's How We Are Going To Beat Google, Facebook, And Yahoo In Brand Advertising

jefflevick tbi

It’s AOL investor day!

That means AOL ad boss Jeff Levick just got off the stage, where he was explaining to analysts why they should be bullish on AOL’s advertising business.

AOL begins with an old standard: Online ad spend isn't commensurate with how much time people are spending online!

AOL argues: It's going to come online in form of brand advertising…

…PREMIUM brand advertising

Levick says: No one is winning in this space yet

No one is winning because online ads are messy

AOL will sells ads that are less messy…

……Ads that give ONE advertiser the whole page to itself

So far, AOL says, advertisers love this idea, and are coming back for seconds

AOL says this method has decreased the number of ads served, but increased their yield

AOL says video ads will make a huge difference

The key takeaways!

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