AOL Set To Spin-Off In Mid-December

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

Save the date! AOL plans to spin-off from Time Warner in mid-December, we’ve heard from three sources.

In descending order of reliability:

  • A super solid source involved with planning the spin-off says an exact date hasn’t been announced internally, but that a mid-December spin-off is CEO Tim Armstrong’s goal.
  • A banker source confirms that word around Wall Street is that the transaction is set for mid-December.
  • Finally, a reader tells us, “AOL will be spinning off from Time Warner on December 11th. They aren’t officially announcing this yet, but it’s what has been communicated to internal vendors for billing purposes.”

Another source close to AOL cautions us that any plans could change, particularly if parent company Time Warner needs them to. “Ultimately it’s their spin.”

AOL announced its new board of directors on Monday. It’s a safe crew of has-beens and who-thes? but, you should meet them anyway…

Meet the board→

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