AOL Re-Org Ousts COO

Kim Partoll

AOL COO Kim Partoll as well as AOL Search & Local boss John Kannapel are leaving the company, according to multiple sources.

Kim’s departure is particularly surprising news since CEO Tim Armstrong only named her COO in July.

A source close to the company said the re-organisation is meant to streamline management.

As for the funny timing, well, that’s because Tim spent his first 100 days on AOL’s strategy. Only after that did he get around to management structure.

Next, we hear he plans to tackle cost structure. We expect layoffs.

As a part of the re-org, AOL ad boss Jeff Levick will take over the search business. Local and Mapping is going to Jon Brod, who also runs AOL Ventures. New AOL exec Brad Garlinghouse will run AOL Mobile, which had been under Kim. Tim himself will run AOL’s international business. AOL continues to be on the lookout for a world-class CMO.

Back when Tim promoted Kim in July, he wrote the following in a company-wide memo:

Having proven herself an outstanding operating executive, Kim Partoll will take on the role of COO of AOL. In addition to continuing to expertly manage the Access business and the Business Intelligence group, Kim will focus on the “must haves” underlying each of the five strategic areas – ensuring everything we do is global, mobile, data-specific and cost managed. Kim will oversee Access, Mobile, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Consumer and Brand Marketing and a new centralized Product Experience function, which will make sure all our products consistently meet standards for quality, globalization and platform reach, as well as tap employee innovation through a company-wide internal innovation program.

Here’s what Tim wrote about John:

Local & Mapping: I’ve asked John Kannapell, who has overseen AOL’s search and local initiatives, to serve as acting head of Local & Mapping. Local is a white space area on the Internet and John has led large cross-functional teams to success at AOL. John is one of the most knowledgeable people in our industry on local, and we will be counting on him to execute our migration into a deeper principal position in local on the Internet.

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