AOL misses on Q4 revenue, beats on EPS as the company steps up its restructure toward programmatic advertising and big content brands

AOL’s Q4 earnings are out. The digital media and technology company beat analysts’ expectations on EPS, but missed on revenue. Overall it was a positive quarter, with AOL marking double digit growth in both revenue and profit.

A brief look at the numbers:

  • Revenue: $US710.3 million Vs. analysts’ expectations of $US721.9 million. Revenue up 5% year over year.
  • Adjusted earnings per share: $US0.92 Vs. analysts’ expectations of $US0.71. Up 44% year over year.
  • Adjusted OBIDA: $US156.7 million Vs. analysts’ expectations of $US153.1 million. Up 6%.
  • Subscription revenue down 5% year-on-year to $US148.1 million. Subscribers down 11%.
  • ARPU up 6%

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says in the earnings release: “AOL’s global team delivered our second consecutive year of growth in revenue and profits — while we lowered our expenses. AOL is building leading assets in the fastest growing areas of media technology and we are aggressively moving the company forward in 2015.

The company is currently embarking on a major restructuring program that will see it focus its efforts primarily on programmatic advertising and its biggest content brands, like the Huffington Post. That refocus has seen big layoffs across its ad sales team and smaller content sites being folded into larger ones.

AOL said it grew programmatic revneue by 250% in 2014.

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