AOL PR, HR Bosses Earned $400,000+ Each Last Year

Dave Harmon

In 2008, AOL EVP and communications boss Tricia Primrose earned a $428,333 salary to go with stock awards totaling $182,466.

Tricia’s counterpart in AOL human resources, EVP Dave Harmon earned a $414,978 salary. He was awarded $89,922 worth of stock.

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The figures come from an AOL Inc. filing with the SEC, which also explains how AOL’s “philosophy” regarding “market practices and elements of executive compensation.”

  Philosophy   In 2008, the Company was guided by the following philosophy in determining the compensation of the Named Executive Officers:     ● Competition.  Compensation should reflect the competitive marketplace to enable the Company to attract, retain and motivate talented executive officers over the long term.     ●

Tricia Primrose

Accountability for Business Performance.  Compensation should be tied in part to the Company’s financial and operating performance, so that executive officers are held accountable through their compensation for the performance of the business operations for which they are responsible   ● Accountability for Individual Performance.  Compensation should be tied in part to the executive officer’s individual performance to encourage and reflect individual contributions to the Company’s performance.     ● Retention.  Compensation should be used to retain, motivate and eliminate distractions to executive officers during critical times of transition of the Company.  

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