AOL To Launch "Hundreds" Of Local News Sites In 2010

Patch editors

According to an internal communication with employees, AOL (AOL) plans to expand Patch, its network of local news blogs, from 30 sites to “hundreds,” by the end of 2010.

The goal: “To be leaders in one of the most promising ‘white spaces’ on the Internet.”

In the same communication, AOL said it wants to be “the global and local leader in sourcing, creating, producing and delivering high quality content.”

AOL still generates most of its revenues through its Internet service provider business, but CEO Tim Armstrong’s turnaround strategy for the company is to turn it into a next-generation media giant. 

Patch is already growing fast. It served just 12 communities in New Jersey and Connecticut as of October 2009, when it announced plans to expand to another 11. It currently covers about 30. We’ve spotted AOL recruiting journalism school graduates for the jobs.

Still, going from 30 sites to “hundreds,” is quite the ambitious goal.

In December, we met the people behind AOL’s local news expansion, including the editor of Darien Connecticut’s Patch site, Cecelia Smith, pictured above.

An AOL spokesperson declined to comment on this story.

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