AOL Offers Free, Real-Time Quotes (A Month After Competitors)

Yet another finance Web site is going to offer free, real-time market data: AOL Money & Finance.

More than than a month after Yahoo launched its free quote offering — followed quickly by Google and CNBC for NASDAQ stocks — AOL has partnered with BATS Trading Inc., the same company that’s servicing Yahoo. Visitors will get real-time data for both NYSE- and NASDAQ-listed stocks.

For anyone keeping score, here’s the breakdown:

Real-time NYSE and NASDAQ quotes via BATS Trading:

  • Yahoo, launched May 28
  • AOL, launched 7/10

Real-time NASDAQ quotes directly from NASDAQ (all launched June 2):

  • Google
  • CNBC
  • Wall Street Journal Digital Network
  • Xignite

That leaves Microsoft’s MSN playing solo in the 20-minute delayed playing field. What about MSN? We mistakenly thought they were still on time delay, but turns out we were the ones stuck in the past. The company informs us they’ve been offering real-time quotes for 10 years.

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