AOL Launches 'Super Niche' PC Game Site BigDownload (TWX)

AOL’s latest:, a gaming site that it’s hoping will attract hardcore PC gamers via game downloads — more than 400 at launch — game trailers, demos, and news from sister site, a gaming blog.

How is it different from AOL’s (TWX) existing game site, GameDaily? Think mainstream versus niche: GameDaily focuses on the industry’s top 25 games, MediaPost says, while BigDownload will go deeper. The site will add up to 100 new games a month, including some PC games distributed directly by coders.

The big picture: AOL wants to roll up as many niche audiences as possible, and plans to launch another 20 or 30 targeted sites this year.

AOL Games, which co-developed BigDownload, is the seventh-biggest Web gaming portal in the U.S., with about 8 million monthly unique visitors, according to comScore. The leader, Yahoo Games (YHOO), gets about 18 million monthly uniques.

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