AOL Launches Huge Ad Product With Fancy Ad Age Placement

Project Devil ad

AOL launched its new ad-product “Project Devil” with a big ad in Advertising Age, this morning.

We’ve read elsewhere that the distinguishing characteristic of Project Devil ads is that they are huge – about 4X the size of normal banner ads.

In the note attached to AdAge, AOL ad boss Jeff Levick tries to make the case that Project Devil ads will be more than just big.

“At its core, Project Devil is a new ad system, developed with input from industry creative leaders.”

Jeff doesn’t give much more detail, other than to say that a ComScore survey of 1,500 people suggests Project Devil ads are more visually appealing, informative, engaging, and uplifting than normal banner ads.

AOL is desperate for Project Devil ads to pay off. Thanks largely to lousy brand advertising sales, the company has missed earning expectations its first two quarters back on the public market.

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