AOL Is Number One! AOL Is Number One!

Boston fans celebrate a big win

Huzzah! Agency and advertising executives surveyed by something called the Jack Myers Report have named AOL the “#1 Quality Online Sales organisation,” we’ve learned in an email from AOL PR.

Good job AOL!

And good job Yahoo (Most Innovative Sales organisation), Google (Long Term Sales organisation Achievement), Burst Media’s Kevin Sullivan (Sales Representative of the Year Award), and Federated Media (Best Newcomer), which also seem to have walked away with “top” prizes.

According to a press release, “The awards are based on the results of the annual Jack Myers Media Business Report Survey of Advertising Executives on Online Sales organisation Attributes.”

The Jack Myers survey is paid for by “60 agencies, media companies, research and financial firms that subscribe to the Jack Myers Media Business Report.”

“IAB award winners must be IAB members and cannot win in repeat years.”

In a statement, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says the award is “meaningful to us.”

“The fact that this award comes from our customers makes it all the more meaningful to us. The AOL Advertising team is working tirelessly to turn around not only our business, but equally important, our reputation for quality and service in the marketplace. We’re grateful for the support from the agencies and our advertising partners and we know we need to earn that support everyday through our actions.”

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