AOL Is Close To Buying TechCrunch

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Photo: TC Disrupt

AOL is close to buying TechCrunch, Om Malik of GigaOm reports.The deal could still fall apart, but Malik seems certain that it will close. He says it will be announced on stage at TechCrunch’s big conference, Disrupt.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is to appear at Disrupt with Arrington.

Armstrong wants to turn AOL into the greatest online media property in the world. Buying TechCrunch would certainly help with that goal.

The site is the number one tech blog in the world, regularly delivering scoops and thorough coverage of startups.

While TechCrunch is the work of many talented people, the site is still driven largely by the personality of its founder Michael Arrington. He sets the tone, he delivers the most scoops. If AOL is buying TechCrunch, we assume it’s going to do all it can to keep Arrington working at the site for a few years.

Inc. Magazine recently pegged TechCrunch’s revenue at $10 million annually. TechCrunch has 9.2 million monthly uniques, according to its advertising page.

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