AOL Exec Lewis D'Vorkin Leaving; Won't Be Working On Tween Girls Site

Longtime AOL (TWX) editorial exec Lewis D’Vorkin is leaving the site, where he ran news and sports. Lewis tells PaidContent that he’s off to start his own site, again, but doesn’t offer up any details (Lew! Pick up the phone!) One thing Lewis won’t be working on: AllyKatzz, a newish social network run by his wife, Denise Restauri.

Why not? Well, for starters, because Denise just told us so. But also because it wouldn’t make any sense: AllyKatzz is designed for tween girls, and we just don’t see Lewis investing his energy in a job that revolves around that demographic. Because Lew is scary smart, but he’s also (at least to us) scary. If the video below doesn’t convey that, just imagine Lewis scowling at you when you turn in substandard copy, like he did to us at Forbes, many years ago. Hi, Lew!

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