AOL Employees Save The World!

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Photo: AP

AOL is turning 25!To celebrate, it’s unleashing 2,500 volunteers on more than 40 projects in 18 communities worldwide.

Nice, right?

Bangalore, India: Volunteering with multiple foundations to help blind orphans and underprivileged children

Los Angeles, CA: Helping to put together food packages for seniors at a local food bank

Boston, MA: Helping with landscaping and clean-up projects at the YWCA Cambridge

Chicago, IL: organising and distributing food donations at a South Side food pantry

Detroit, MI: Building a house for a local family through Habitat for Humanity

Dublin, Ireland: Volunteering at a charity devoted to people with intellectual disabilities

Dulles and Manassas, VA: Volunteering in multiple areas, including local Parks and Recreation departments, hospices, and YMCAs

Lancaster, PA: Gardening and cleaning up parks with the local Parks and Recreation department

London, England: Cleaning and painting youth group homes

Mountain View, CA: Volunteering for local outposts of Habitat for Humanity, Resource Area for Teaching, and Ronald McDonald House

New York, NY: Volunteering at various organisations, including Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross, and Housing Works

San Francisco, CA: Helping out with Habitat for Humanity and the local food bank

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