AOL Employees Pine For Old Boss Jon Miller

We asked readers who should become Yahoo’s next CEO and 18.7% voted in favour of ex-AOL boss Jon Miller.

Guess where most of those votes came from.

Our polling services profider Vizu handily breaks down results by region, using a Google Maps mashup. In this case, it marked a concentration of votes for Miller with a green dot — a cluster of which we found speckled around AOL’s old headquarters in the Washington D.C./Dulles area.

Apparently former and currently AOL employees really do miss the boss whom they say saved AOL from its ISP origins, only to be unfairly dismissed fired in 2006. The good news, then: Yahoo tried to put Miller on its board at the beginning of the fall, so who knows — if the AOL-Yahoo merger ever gets done, maybe AOLers will get their long-lost leader back.

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