AOL Drops Digg Clone, Revives Old Netscape

Time Warner’s (TWX) AOL has given up on a year-plus experiment to turn Netscape into a Digg-like news site, where readers voted for their favourite stories. It will revert to a traditional-style home page soon, though the social news site will live on…somewhere, Netscape says in a blog post.

Worth noting for a couple reasons: Netscape was one of multiple attempts to ape the success of Digg, and none of them have come close to succeeding. Does that mean that the Digg folks have a truly special sauce? Or simply that there’s a limited market for social news, and Digg has that cornered? Also, note that even as AOL mulls possible job cuts, it’s still bothering to pay attention to Netscape, which most folks are surprised to hear still exists. But we can attest that in its old incarnation, Netscape’s moribund brand still generated significant traffic — which AOL can’t afford to ignore now that it’s entirely dependent on advertising dollars.