AOL Chief Tim Armstrong Has A Panic Button In His Office In Case His Employees Attack Him

Tim Armstrong is currently hosting AOL’s global meeting, a talk for all AOL employees around the world.

AOL managing editor Eric Sandler just tweeted out this snippet from the meeting. It was confirmed on Twitter by Ryan Gorman, AOL’s managing editor of breaking news/original content.

On his first day as CEO, Tim Armstrong was given a tour of his new office. He noticed something strange.

Armstrong said that he noticed a button in the office. He was told that it connects directly to the security team. When he asked why, he was told that the button is there in case the “employees attacked him.”

It’s a panic button, basically.

Just to make this clear, Armstrong did NOT install this button. One of the previous occupants of his office did. We don’t even know if it works, or whether Armstrong has tried it. We have never heard that Armstrong has ever used it. (He did once lose his temper and fire a guy at a company meeting in front of 1,000 people, so anything is possible.)

We have contacted AOL to ask whether the button still works, and whether Armstrong has ever tried it out. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

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