AOL Can’t Find A Business Boss For Arianna

Tim Armstrong Arianna Huffington

Back in mid-December, Michael Arrington at Uncrunched said he heard AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is looking to hire a President to run business operations for the Huffington Post Media Group.

In an update, a source close to AOL just confirmed that this is true, and said that the company is having a hard time finding someone who will take the job.

“It’s been going on for a while now but no one wants the job. Who would?,” says this source.

Former Huffington Post executives have told us in the past that Huffington can be very hard to manage.

When AOL bought Huffington Post, it put one of Armstrong’s top lieutenants, Jon Brod, in charge. That didn’t last, and Brod is now back to running Patch.

AOL did not respond to a query.