AOL BREAKS NEWS: People Pick Their Nose

A kid picking his nose

AOL (TWX) has embraced its future as a media company and it’s busy breaking news.

TMZ scooped Michael Jackson’s death. Politics Daily first reported the Henry Louis Gates incident. FanHouse alerted the world to the recent fight between Raiders coaches.

And now this, from today’s New York Daily News:

Majority of Americans pick their noses, AOL survey finds

More than one out of five people around you right now is wearing dirty underwear, one in three didn’t shower today and most are professed nose-pickers.

These are some of the disgusting disclosures in a recent online poll measuring American hygiene – or lack thereof.

“That’s nasty,” said Tasha Harley, 22, of lower Manhattan. “I’m very surprised at people admitting these habits.”

Some 71% of respondents to the unscientific survey, conducted by AOL, confessed to picking their nose.

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