AOL BLAST FROM THE PAST: Amazing AOL Press Releases Through The Years

AOL disk

AOL turns 25 years old today!

That’s a lot of floppy disks, busy signals, and YOU’VE GOT MAILs! (Though many of the early years were spent under a different name and business.)

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken celebrated AOL’s special day by sifting through AOL’s old press releases — dating back to 1990 — which turns out to be an interesting way to tell the company’s history.

We’ve posted screenshots of some of the best.

1992: AOL announces an international e-mail gateway to send and receive mail with CompuServe, AT&T Mail, and other services

1993: AOL for Windows! Includes 3-D icons, cascading windows, minimising, and more!

1993: AOL now less than half the price of Prodigy!

1993: AOL passes 500,000 subs!

1994: Apple using AOL technology to power eWorld and NewtonMail

1994: AOL launches Gopher support, testing TCP/IP for Internet centre

1994: NYT launches @times news and reviews service

1994: AOL passes 1 million subs


1996: In a HUGE move, AOL announced unlimited-use pricing -- something that gave the ISP industry a MASSIVE boost but has since hurt its efforts to move to usage-based pricing

1997: AOL swaps its ANS subsidiary to WorldCom for CompuServe and cash

1998: AOL spends a whopping FOUR BILLION DOLLARS to buy Netscape

2000: AOL and Time Warner merge, perhaps the worst mega-merger in business history, which was undone in late 2009 when Time Warner spun AOL off as a separate company

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