ANZAC Memorial At Sydney's Hyde Park Is Finally To Be Completed 80 Years Later

Artist’s impression of the completed ANZAC Memorial.

The ANZAC Memorial at Sydney’s Hyde Park is to be completed in line with the original 1930 vision for the structure.

The development, a centrepiece of the New South Wales’ Centenary of Anzac commemorations, will cost $38 million and will include a cascading water feature, a symbol of hope for future generations .

Premier Mike Baird said the original concept for a cascade water feature wasn’t completed due to budget constraints during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

“The original design included the Pool of Reflection, which was completed in 1934 to the north of the Memorial,” he said.

The redevelopment of the concrete and pink granite structure is expected to be completed as Centenary of Anzac commemorations are completed in 2018.

The art deco-style building was created as a memorial to the Australian Imperial Force of World War I.

Fund-raising started in 1916 on April 25, the first anniversary of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) landing at Anzac Cove, and was opened in 1934 by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

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