A record number of police will be out in force in Sydney for Anzac Day

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Police have ramped up the security around tomorrow’s Anzac Day events in Sydney, with a record number of police being dispatched for the event.

Two-metre-long steel-enforced bollards have also been installed in Martin Place around the Cenotaph and along the march route.

Police say the tightened security measures aren’t in response to a specific threat.

“Unfortunately this year we have to go to extra measures due to the current security classification,” said NSW Counter Terrorism Minister David Elliott.

“These bollards are designed to mitigate any low-level risk against our community.”

He added: “there is no increase in the security risk, anywhere in Australia. But we will not be taking any risk when it comes to the safety and security of not only our veterans, but anybody that sees the need to come and attend Anzac Day commemorations.”

Overnight, a van in Toronto jumped a sidewalk and killed 10 people in what authorities are calling a deliberate attack.

Police will also be carrying out crowd control, bag checks, deploying vehicle blockers, and increasing traffic and highway patrol to ensure the community feels safe during the day’s events as tens of thousands of people make their way to the city for the Anzac Day March, Commemoration Service, and Sunset Service.

Due to large crowds expected in the CBD, police are encouraging people to leave the car at home and use public transport.

There will be road closures and special-event clearways throughout the Sydney CBD from 2.30am to 4pm. You can find more information on them here.

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